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REALHER - And The Real Story Of Makeup That Empowers

REALHER - And The Real Story Of Makeup That Empowers - Beauty Ethic

After the birth of his daughter, Yarie, REALHER founder Bill Xiang started researching the best ways to raise a daughter. He was overwhelmed by the amount of information about how much society can affect a woman’s upbringing. Upon further investigation, he found that offering simple affirmations would help build confidence. Xiang, who already had a highly successful and extensive history developing innovative product for global masstige, prestige, and luxury brands alike, knew he was onto something. “I wanted to do whatever I could to make as much of a difference as possible, to help more women. I wanted to build a brand to inspire women to be independent, successful, and fulfilled.” It was this seed that sparked the idea of creating REALHER.

As Xiang continued to develop REALHER he met co-founder Megan Merid, a successful makeup artist and prestige beauty sales director. Like Bill, Merid has a young daughter, Faven, and shared the mindset that the beauty industry in particular teaches women to focus on imperfections rather than embracing and accentuating their natural beauty. Given Xiang and Merid’s strong backgrounds in beauty the duo made the perfect pair to bring the dream to reality, not just for their daughters, but for women around the world. They joined forces to further develop REALHER into a prestige beauty brand, with proprietary formulations, luxurious textures and colors, and eye-catching packaging with affirmations that speak to its consumer.